how we work
SHAPL is devoted to make good designs more accessible to greater number of people. Let’s make it together.
Did you know that almost 80% of the retail price consists of distribution cost? What you’re paying at the mall or even at the online shop you frequently visit is marked up by numerous distributors. What Jin, the CEO of SHAPL, thought was ‘What if we could minimize distribution process and thereby offer quality products at affordable price?’
This is the fundamental idea of SHAPL. Good products at a good price. We’ve established firm relationships with manufacturing plants and freight companies from around the world in quest of innovating e-Commerce structure. Now it’s your turn to take part in the innovation for new world.


  • Royalty

    You can earn up to 10% loyalty through the commercialization of your designs. When your design is selected as a production candidate and produced by SHAPL (or manufacturer), it will be sold worldwide via SHAPL. You can receive design royalties based on your sales volume.

  • Contest

    We hold a contest for designers from all over the world.
    Winning design will be selected through both consumer and professional evaluation and will receive prize money. The winning design is considered as candidate of production in SHAPL, and it will be sold globally once it’s produced.

    Upload your design, win prizes
    The 3rd SHAPL DESIGN CONTEST has been delayed for better service.
    From now on, you can upload the design in Royalty type anytime.

Simply start with your design