Design for the Galaxy Series

SAMSUNG is looking for a designer who will design accessories and supplies such as Samsung Galaxy, Note, Flip, etc.
Upload your design portfolio to SHAPL today and see how it goes.
If you are chosen, you will be given $1,000 in prize money and your design get an opportunity to be produced.

SHAPL, a design-based manufacturing O2O platform service, has signed a MOU with Samsung C&T to select designs for Samsung mobile device and accessory.
Join us now!


Submit Category

Any product that fits with Samsung Galaxy series

Anyone can participate - Individuals, teams or companies

Anyone can participate - Individuals, teams or companies

Award Benefit

Product the design and Sell globally
prize money $1000

"It's not just about winning an award, it's about my design can actually be made. I hope many designers will participate as well."
KO - Designer (Winner)

Apply and review time to time
Selected designs are individually contacted to be commercialized or prize-giving


Upload design on SHAPL website


Review content quality and ineligibility

whether design contains violence or is unrelated to the submit category


Publish to Platform

Submitted design is reviewed by SHAPL

How to submit design

Apply Online : Log in to and go to 'GALAXY X SHAPL' -> click the Upload Design button -> Upload main image, design description, sub-image (at least 5) of your design
- All contents should be produced in English and cannot be posted on the platform if there are contents produced in other language.


Application & Selection

"One can submit multiple entries, multiple design can be selected, and the review is processed time to time.
If more than one similar or identical content has been submitted, the first received content takes precedence."

literary property

The selected design can be used for commercial use in consultation with the selected person, and the copyright belongs to SHAPL through a separate contract.


Tax utility charges for the prize money shall be borne by the selected person, and the prize money shall be given after tax deduction.

Schedule & Benefits

The schedule, content, and benefits of progress may be suspended or changed without notice by organizer.

in cases of disqualification as follows:

Exclude from those subject to review and selection

"Where it is deemed impossible to apply it in the present or the future;
belonging to a patent, utility model, design, or copyright acquired by another person;
Targets, copycats will be excluded from the screening and will be cancelled on postmortem basis."


Please put [GALAXY] in subject in order to specify.